For your eyes only


“Its 1:30am and you’re not asleep!” That was the voice of me when I yelled at me last night. A kid at the tone of that would quickly turn of the lights, but instead I turned on my laptop. I spent my previous day at a summit intended to bring young and vibrant minds together for enlightenment and deliberations on the future of the church of God. My experience sent me to my knees and I couldn’t help but be thankful for all I learnt at the summit.

Please take note, this is my perception:
I had great expectations, but they were not cut short, they were redefined. Here are 3 lessons I was fortunate to learn yesterday:

1. On Youths: I learnt that your youth period is characterized by freshness, vitality and zeal. But zeal, when not curtailed and guided has no wisdom (now you can imagine what it means to be without wisdom). We are in a generation where most youths have allowed themselves to be skillfully blindfolded and corked by the devil, such that they can no longer see beyond their noses. In such a generation, being Ambassadorial as Apostle Paul advised in his many letters becomes very necessary. This we must do by believing in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as Lord and Saviour. “Do not let your life be rooted on somebody’s opinion or ideologies.” We must all as youths begin to realize the place of our identity as Ambassadors. Your lifestyle must be morally acceptable and you must be determined to uphold the faith and practice the doctrine of the church.

2. On Leadership: I observed that leaders are leaders because of the challenges they must face and overcome and not because of their entitlements. Calmness and Maturity is a virtue that cannot be disregarded. But in all, when the leader lacks the spirit of God and becomes #impatient, the people will be led into an unnecessary crisis. Now, have you ever been in a rowdy classroom of higher institutions, where a salesman climbs the podium to advertise his goods/services? You would notice that he continues with his presentation whether you are listening or not? I admire that beautiful guts. Leaders are never discouraged, leaders remain focused and courageous, even when they are stabbed at the back. Trust me, the day you get to know who your leader really is, give him your cooperation and loyalty.

3. DOSAC Anthem: Ever thought of how the Nigerian Anthem was born? Then think so of this Anthem, composed and taught to a congregation of youths by a Shepherd. This anthem in his words, “points to the Grace of God that has been available to us. The inspiration came while I was meditating.” This anthem seems to contain the most inspiring lyrics I have ever come across. I hope the tune becomes formal very soon.


Be encouraged my friends, I didn’t mean to preach, but in this letter, I was very sure it wasn’t addressed to everybody, but to you. Continue with the consciousness that we are nothing without Grace and must not exhaust it.

Thank you for your time.



One thought on “For your eyes only

  1. God bless our amiable Bishop for his wisdom, “moving with the speed of grace”, this has been existing immediately the Diocese was born, and thank God its in the Anthem for future reference. God bless Sapele Diocese (DOSAC). Forward ever. God bless sesiTech.

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